Video Inspection & Pipe Locating

Demystify your plumbing problems with video inspection & pipe locating from L.A. Master Plumbers

At L.A. Master Plumbers, we provide targeted solutions to your plumbing problems. This means that before we begin a repair, we gather all the information about the condition of your pipes that we possibly can. We use the latest technology to do this and we can provide video inspection and pipe locating as stand-alone services to our clients if needed.
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Video Inspection

Pipe LocatingAll plumbers from L.A. Master Plumbers know how to utilize in-line cameras to view the interior of your pipes and drains and identify clogs, root penetration, mineral buildup, grease buildup, leaks, cracks, and other issues. Our video inspection service shows our customers exactly what’s causing their plumbing problems, and after the work is complete it can also be used to prove that our work has been effective. We especially encourage the use of video inspections in cases where there is a recurring drain issue that has not been eliminated through the use of ordinary drain cleaning measures.

Pipe Locating

Before you undertake any construction or remodeling work on your property, you need to be certain that you won’t accidentally damage any pipes. L.A. Master Plumbers can help you locate gas, water, and sewer pipes on your property to keep them safe during any construction work, regardless of whether or not our plumbers are involved in that work.