Garbage Disposal Service & Installations

Get expert service for your garbage disposal from L.A. Master Plumbers

Many people rely on their garbage disposal to eliminate food waste and odors from the kitchen. But what happens when your garbage disposal quits working properly? You may end up with a smelly, unsanitary, and very inconvenient situation on your hands. Fortunately, you can call L.A. Master Plumbers for a fast and favorable resolution to the problem.
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Garbage Disposal Repair Services

Garbage Disposal ServiceOur plumbers are intimately familiar with every major brand of garbage disposal. We can provide assistance with just about any problem you may have with your unit, including:

  • Excessive vibrations
  • Loud garbage disposals
  • Electrical problems
  • Seized garbage disposal motors
  • Clogged garbage disposals

New Garbage Disposal Installation

If your garbage disposal is beyond repair, or if you never had one to begin with, our expert plumbers can help you select a high-quality model and install it for you to boot. We’ll also provide helpful tips for keeping your kitchen drain clean and extending the life of your new garbage disposal.