Drain Cleaning

One call drains it all

Clogged drains are one of the most common problems we encounter at L.A. Master Plumbers, and over the years our team of expert plumbers have seen—and solved—all kinds of drain issues. We can provide 24 hour emergency drain cleaning for serious problems that require immediate attention, and same-day service for routine drain cleaning in most cases. We can clear just about any type of clog from any type of drain, including:Drain Cleaning Coupon Los Angeles CA

Our Drain Cleaning Equipment

Each of our professional plumbers carries a variety of drain cleaning equipment with them at all times, to enable them to address your drain issues quickly and effectively.

Plumbing Snake: A plumbing snake is a relatively simple piece of drain cleaning equipment used to push clogs aside so that water can flow through the pipe freely.

Auger: An auger is basically a plumbing snake with teeth. It cuts clogs into small pieces as it dislodges them, so it is ideal for pipes and drains that have been blocked by tangles of hair or invasive tree roots.

Hydrojetter: A hydrojetter clears clogs by blasting them apart with high-pressure streams of water. Because hydrojetters clean the entire inside surface of the pipe, they are an excellent tool to use in clearing clogs caused by grease or mineral buildup on the sides of a pipe. Hydrojetters are also effective against roots.

Don’t Postpone Drain Cleaning

With fast, friendly, and effective drain cleaning service available from L.A. Master Plumbers, there’s no reason to postpone service. You can call us as soon as you notice any of your plumbing fixtures draining slowly. This will enable you to enjoy improved performance from your drains and avoid serious issues such as sewer backups.