Winnetka CA

The community of Winnetka CA dates back to 1922, when the area was mostly farmland. At the LA Chamber of Commerce’s request, a man named Charles Weeks established a poultry colony here consisting of one-acre egg farms. Weeks named the community Winnetka CA after his farm in Winnetka Illinois. Like most of LA, Winnetka CA turned suburban after WWII. Today it is your typical residential community, and it has some nice family-friendly amenities like the Winnetka Recreation Center, two pocket parks, and a city-run childcare center. If you live in Winnetka CA, naturally you want to have functioning plumbing to keep conditions safe and sanitary for your family. L.A. Master Plumbers can help. We clean drains to eliminate odors and health hazards, and we can also assist with maintenance and repairs on water heaters, garbage disposals, tubs, sinks, showers, toilets, etc. You can count on us to deliver fast and effective service even in an emergency.