Reseda CA

The Los Angeles neighborhood of Reseda CA dates back to 1912, when the first residents moved in. The area was dedicated primarily to agriculture for many years, though a small central business district was developed starting in 1915. After WWII, the large estates growing lettuce, lima beans, and sugar beets gave way to housing developments, and Reseda CA became one of the first suburbs in the San Fernando Valley. The community grew very rapidly through the 1950s and by the 1980s it had some well-known concert venues, including the Reseda Theater which appeared in the movie Boogie Nights. If you own property in Reseda CA, you can call L.A. Master Plumbers for help with emergency plumbing issues any time day or night. We are also available to provide routine services like drain cleaning, water heater maintenance, plumbing repair, and pipe repair. We even do trenchless pipe repair so you can replace your sewer pipes without disturbing your landscaping.