Mission Hills CA

Located near the intersection of the Golden State Freeway and the San Diego Freeway, the community of Mission Hills CA is convenient for many commuters working throughout the LA area. Mission Hills CA is best known for its local historic landmarks, including the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana and the Andres Pico Adobe. Today the Mission is a museum, and the Andres Pico Adobe is noteworthy for being the second oldest residence in all of LA. Visitors to these attractions in Mission Hills CA will be able to see how these old Spanish style buildings influenced the development of Mission Revival architecture, which is popular throughout southern California. No matter what style of home or property you may own in Mission Hills CA, L.A. Master Plumbers can help you keep it in prime condition as far as the plumbing is concerned. We provide expert drain cleaning as well as repairs and maintenance for all your pipes and plumbing fixtures.