Encino CA

Encino CA is named after the Rancho Los Encinos, which was a parcel of land given to three Mission Indians by the Mexican government as the old colonial mission system was being dismantled. Encino CA’s local economy is fairly good, with health care and social services accounting for many jobs. Two popular parks, Los Encinos State Historic Park and the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area, are both located in Encino. One of Encino’s biggest claims to fame is that it hosts the biggest Earth Day festival in the Los Angeles area every year. This seems fitting for a city whose name means “oak tree” in Spanish. If you live in Encino CA, you may love the environment but you probably don’t want to get “back to nature” when it comes to your plumbing. L.A. Master Plumbers can help you keep all of your plumbing in top working condition. We handle everything from drain cleaning to service and repairs for garbage disposals and water heaters.