Calabasas CA

According to popular wisdom, the affluent city of Calabasas CA was named after the Spanish word for pumpkin, so it’s no surprise that the annual Pumpkin Festival is a big deal here. The festival has been going strong for many years and serves to commemorate that legendary pumpkin wagon that overturned in the area and gave the city its name. Another interesting aspect of Calabasas CA’s heritage is the Leonis Adobe. One of the oldest remaining adobe buildings in greater LA, the Leonis Adobe was built in 1844 and today serves as a key attraction in Old Town Calabasas. If your home’s plumbing seems so old and unreliable that it ought to be a historic attraction too, you need to call L.A. Master Plumbers. We’ll help you get the repairs and service you need to return your sinks, toilets, tubs, pipes, drains, water heaters, garbage disposals, etc. to prime working condition.