Do You Know Where Your Sewer Cleanout Is?

July 18, 2014

Avoid nasty sewer backups by using your sewer cleanout regularly.

Sewer CleanoutA backup in your main sewer line can be a very messy and expensive situation. Maybe you’ll be lucky and slow drainage will warn you of a problem before sewage has a chance to back up into every sink, tub, toilet, and floor drain on your property. But maybe you won’t be so lucky. Maybe your system will overload quite suddenly, or maybe we’re talking about a business or rental property where knowledgeable and conscientious individuals may not be present to take note of the warning signs. In this case you could be left with big bills for cleaning up unsanitary water damage, including not only cleaning floors but possibly pulling up carpets, throwing out furnishings, or even repairing damage to your landscaping. The good news is that you can greatly reduce the risk of such a scenario by investing in regular sewer cleanout services from L.A. Master Plumbers. If you have an accessible ground level cleanout on your property, we can provide this service for just $59.99.

What Does Main Line Sewer Cleanout Service Accomplish?

The main line sewer cleanout service is basically a drain cleaning for your property’s most important drain. It ensures that the point through which all wastewater passes en route to the municipal sewer pipe or the septic system is free and clear of debris. This not only improves the drainage of all pipes and fixtures but helps reduce the risk of a slow and steady buildup one day reaching the point where it can cause a sewage backup.

Where Should I Look for My Sewer Cleanout?

In most properties, the main sewer cleanout is located near where the sewer or septic line exits the building. It could be located in a vertical stack in the basement if you have one, in a ground floor bathroom or nearby closet, or just outside the foundation. The sewer cleanout itself looks like a pipe with a twist-off top.

What If I Don’t Have a Sewer Cleanout?

If you can’t find your sewer cleanout, you can have one installed by a professional plumber. This is a good idea and will offer many benefits for the future, but it is not absolutely necessary as the main sewer line can also be cleaned by removing a ground floor toilet and accessing the line that way. However, this method is messy and expensive. If you decide to get a sewer cleanout installed, ask for it to be placed outside the building on the lateral line. This way, you can ensure that if and when a backup occurs, opening the cleanout will not result in sewage flowing into your property. Instead, any mess will end up outside in the yard where it is much easier to deal with.