6 Reasons to Leave Drain Cleaning to the Pros

July 14, 2014

Don’t risk injury or damage to your property. Instead call L.A. Master Plumbers for professional drain cleaning.

6 ReasonsDo you have a drainage problem in your home or business? Don’t just call the company janitor or try to fix the problem yourself. Instead, call the professionals at L.A. Master Plumbers. We have the tools, skills, and experience required to clear any kind of clog in a fast and effective manner.

Professional Drain Cleaning is Convenient

If you’ve ever tried to clear a clogged drain on your own, you know that it can be a hassle. First you have to figure out what the problem is and what tools you need, then you have to find those tools, and then you have to put them to work. Why waste your time doing all this? At L.A. Master Plumbers, we provide fast and responsive service designed to make your role in drain cleaning as easy as picking up the phone.

Professional Drain Cleaning is Effective

DIY methods of drain cleaning like using home remedies, drain cleaning chemicals, or a plunger may not be effective on all types of clogs. One perfect example is a clog caused by invasive roots—this type of clog isn’t going to budge without a professional-grade plumbing auger to chew up those roots and possibly a hydrojetter to wash the root bits away. When you call the pros, you know that you will get a thorough and effective drain cleaning that will leave your pipe fully clear and open, not just partially cleared.

Professional Drain Cleaning is Safer

Chemical drain cleaners are a favorite tool of the DIY set, but they can actually be quite dangerous, especially when they don’t work. If you pour a bottle of caustic cleaner into your sink or tub but it doesn’t go down the drain or clear the clog, you end up with a dangerous pool of liquid that could burn your skin or let off harmful fumes. It’s better to call a professional from the start so you don’t have to use chemicals at all.

Professional Drain Cleaning Won’t Damage Your Plumbing

Some chemical drain cleaners can potentially damage some types of pipes, and a plumbing snake in the hands of an amateur can damage the enamel in your sink, toilet, or tub. When you call the pros at L.A. Master Plumbers, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of risks. Our plumbers are experts in drain cleaning and can skillfully manipulate their tools without damaging your fixtures.

The Pros Leave Your Property Clean

If you’ve ever cleaned even a little clog out of the top of your sink drain, you know how nasty that slimy, soapy, smelly wad of hair and other debris can be. Now imagine how gross a clog pulled up from the depths of your pipes could be. When you call the pros, you never have to do more than imagine. We will handle the removal and disposal of the clog material and leave your property clean.

The Pros Can Address All Drainage Issues

Sometimes, slow or blocked drains aren’t caused by clogs at all, but by serious issues with the overall plumbing system. For example, you might have a collapsed pipe, inadequate ventilation, or improper slope in your plumbing. By calling the pros for drain cleaning, you can get expert help identifying and correcting these kinds of issues.